Bridging Finance

We provide as much assistance as possible, working in partnership with you to get the loan completed

Regulated and Non-regulated Bridging Finance

We offer FCA Regulated bridging funding for customers who wish to use their main residence as security to raise funds quickly.

We are authorised to give advice.

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Lending Criteria

If a proposal seems sensible, we will generally find a way to make it work.

Property must be of standard construction and for residential use
Flats above commercial units are considered on an exception basis

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Key product features

Our documentation is written in plain English and we maintain a fair and competitive pricing structure with no hidden charges.

 We lend from £150,000-£4m

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Typical uses of our finance

Our finance can be used for almost any purpose.

Common uses of our finance include, but are not limited to:
Buying/Securing a property before selling existing property

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